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The word gymnastics has its origin in the Greek word "GYNOS". About 2600 B.C. the Chinese developed a few activities which resembled gymnastics. The Romans followed the Greeks and they made the gymnastics as compulsory for their soldiers as part of their training. They had the ambition to conquer and they thought gymnastics could make their fighting forces supremely fit. The Germans used the word "gymnastics" for a school for her education. A cursory look at the Olympic history shows that the gymnastic events were held in 776 B.C. The classical Olympiads were discontinued in 392 A.D. The Olympiads were revived around 1870.

The gymnastics were revived in many European countries in the beginning of the 18th century. In the revival of gymnastics perhaps the biggest part was played by Johann Basedow (1723-1790). But the person who came to be regarded as the "Great grandfather of gymnastics" was Johann Guts Muths (1759-1839). He wrote a book entitled "Gymnastics for Youth". This is considered to be the first book on gymnastics. But the real father of gymnastics is Job Friedrick (1778-1852). He is regarded as the founder of Turnverein. He invented it in early 1800. He introduced Parallel Bars, Long Horse, Side Horse and Horizontal Bars in 1812. Francis Amores of Spain invented Roman Rings in early 1800. Perling (1776-1839) of Sweden was the first to appreciate the corrective value of gymnastics. He invented the Stall Bars and the Vaulting Horse (Box). Pranz Nachtegall (1777-1847) started the first school for training of gymnastic teachers at Copenhagen. Adolf Spiess (1810-1858) in Switzerland.

The kinds of gymnastics are:

* Artistic (educational) Gymnastics
* Acrobatic Gymnastics
* Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics.
* General Gymnastics

A gymnasium is a place fitted with apparatus for gymnastics exercises. Masso society of gymnastic was formed in 1898 in Russia. The FIG (Federation of International De Gymnastics) was the first Sports Federation in the world which was founded in 1881, within eleven years other Federations were also formed. In 1896, the First Olympic Games of modem era were held at Athens. Gymnastics with 6 apparatus also formed part of the programme. The first International Gymnastics Championship was held in 1903. The international competitions for men and women both started in 1934.

In the women championship the following apparatus were included:

* Floor
* Vaulting Horse
* Beam
* Uneven Bars


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