Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shooting sports


Shooting sports consist of four disciplines: shotgun, rifle, pistol and running target. Within these disciplines, shooting events include clay pigeon, skeet, down the line, free pistol and trap.

The disciplines may be divided into two main parts:

* Precision shooting
* Shotgun event.

Precision shooting applies to rifle, pistol and running target events where shots are scored from 0 - 10, according to the place of the shot in scoring rings.

In slow shooting, time limits are given for the entire event. In rapid fire shooting, time limits are given for one single shot or a group of five shots.

In the shotgun event, only two evaluations are possible, "bono" where the target is broken by the shot, or "zero", where the shooter misses the target. Shotgun has no time limits but there are limits on where the target may be reached by a shot.

Most competitors shoot in a standing position. In rifle shooting, they shoot prone and kneeling. All the positions are described in the official regulations.


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