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Wrestling is an intense and exciting individual combat sport where one competitor attempts to throw the other to the ground, with the aim to pin them down to register a "fall". The competitor to first achieve a "fall" is declared the winner of the bout.

Wrestling makes for a great spectator sport as it offers strength, speed, technique and agility displayed by the wrestlers.

Wrestling has two styles: Greco-Roman and Freestyle. In the Greco-Roman style, holds are allowed from the waist up, while in freestyle holds are allowed on the whole body. Matches in both styles consist of two, rounds, with a 30 second interval.

During a match, long nails, punching, biting, pinching, strangulation holds or dislocations are forbidden, as is any other act that may cause injury to the opponent.

Women's freestyle wrestling is a growing sport around the world. The first world championship for women was held in the 1980s and an increasing number of nations enter women's wrestling teams each year. Women's wrestling has been on the Olympic programme since Athens in 2004.


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