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World Boxing Association


World Boxing Association

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The World Boxing Association (WBA) is a boxing organization that sanctions official matches, and awards the WBA world championship title, at the professional level. It was previously known as the National Boxing Association before changing its name in 1962. It is the oldest of the major organizations recognized by IBHOF which sanction world championship boxingbouts, alongside the International Boxing Federation, the World Boxing Council and the World Boxing Organization.


The original sanctioning body of professional boxing, the World Boxing Association can be traced back to the original National Boxing Association, organized in 1921; the first bout recognized by the organization being the Jack Dempsey-Georges Carpentier Heavyweight Championship bout in New Jersey, USA.
The NBA was formed by representatives from thirteen American states to counterbalance the influence the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) wielded in the boxing world. This often meant that the NBA and the NYSAC crowned different world champions in the same division, leading to confusion about who was the real champion.[1]
The International Boxing Research Organization describes the early NBA in this way: "Originally more comparable to the present American Association of Boxing Commissions than to its offspring and successor, the NBA sanctioned title bouts, published lists of outstanding challengers, withdrew titular recognition, but did not attempt to appoint its own title bout officials or otherwise impose its will on championship fights. It also did not conduct purse bids or collect 'sanctioning fees.'"[2]
In 1962 the NBA, with the growth of boxing's popularity worldwide, changed its name to the World Boxing Association. The organization remained mainly American until 1974, however. In that year, twoPanamanian boxing figures named Rodrigo Sanchez and Elias Cordova manipulated the WBA rules to give a majority of votes to nations in Latin America.[3]
Gilberto Mendoza has been the President of the WBA since 1982. The WBA in the 1990s moved its central offices from Panama CityPanama, to CaracasVenezuela. In January 2007 it moved its offices again to Panama.


The WBA has been plagued with charges of corruption for years. In perhaps the most notable instance, promoter Bob Arum claimed in a 1982 interview that he had to pay off WBA officials to obtain rankings.[3]In a 1981 Sports Illustrated article, a WBA judge claimed that he was influenced by the WBA president to support certain fighters. The same article also discussed a variety of bribes paid to WBA officials to obtain title fights or rankings with the organization.[4]
The WBA also came under fire in the 1980s for allowing South Africans to fight for its titles.[citation needed]

Regular titles and super titles

Champions since 1920 of heavyweight boxing of 5 most important Associations
A boxer who holds WBA title is considered by the organization as regular champion. If that champion manages to include a title of a similar weight class which is from another organization (WBC, IBF or WBO) or vice-versa, he/she will be promoted to super champion. In this, their regular title becomes vacant for other WBA-ranked boxers to fight for.
Sometimes it is possible for a regular champion to become super champion without adding another organization's title; Chris John is an example.

Current WBA world title holders

Weight class:Champion:Date won:
MinimumweightNicaragua Román GonzálezSeptember 15, 2008
Light flyweightMexico Giovanni SeguraJune 5, 2009
Argentina Juan Carlos Reveco(interim champion)August 8, 2009
FlyweightJapan Daiki KamedaFebruary 7, 2010
Panama Luis Concepción(interim champion)September 5, 2009
Super flyweightArmenia Vic Darchinyan(unified champion)November 1, 2008
Japan Nobuo NashiroSeptember 15, 2008
Philippines Nonito Donaire(interim champion)August 15, 2009
BantamweightPanama Anselmo MorenoMay 31, 2008
Venezuela Nehomar Cermeno(interim champion)March 14, 2009
Super bantamweightPanama Celestino Caballero(unified champion)November 21, 2008
Thailand Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym (regular champion)September 26, 2009
FeatherweightIndonesia Chris John (super champion)June 27, 2009
Cuba Yuriorkis Gamboa(regular champion)June 27, 2009
Super featherweightMexico Juan Carlos SalgadoOctober 10, 2009
Colombia Likar Ramos (interim champion)November 19, 2009
LightweightMexico Juan Manuel Márquez (unified champion)February 28, 2009
Namibia Paulus Moses(regular champion)January 3, 2009
Venezuela Miguel Acosta(interim champion)July 25, 2009
Super lightweightUnited Kingdom Amir KhanJuly 19, 2009
Argentina Marcos Maidana(interim champion)June 29, 2009
WelterweightUnited States Shane Mosley(super champion)January 24, 2009
Ukraine Vyacheslav Senchenko (regular champion)April 10, 2009
Super welterweightIsrael Yuri ForemanNovember 14, 2009
Japan Nobuhiro Ishida(interim champion)August 30, 2009
MiddleweightGermany Felix SturmApril 28, 2007
Super middleweightUnited States Andre WardNovember 21, 2009
Germany Dimitri Sartison(regular champion)November 21, 2009
Light heavyweightKazakhstan Beibut ShumenovJanuary 29, 2010
CruiserweightPanama Guillermo JonesSeptember 27, 2008
HeavyweightUnited Kingdom David HayeNovember 7, 2009


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