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World Karate Federation


World Karate Federation

World Karate Federation
Formationyear 1961
Legal statusFederation
Region servedWorldwide
Membership130 Affiliated Countries
Official languagesEnglish is the official language. If any question in respect to the sport or technique of Karate, it will be referred to the original Japanese text.
PresidentAntonio Espinos of Spain[1]
WebsiteWorld Karate Federation

The World Karate Federation, or WKF, was formed in 1990 from former WUKO (World Union of Karate-Do Organizations) members and is the largest international governing body of sport karate with over 130 member countries. It is the only karate organization recognised by the International Olympic Committee and has more than ten million members.[2][3] The WKF organizes the Junior and Senior Karate World Championships, which are each held every other year. The President of the WKF is Antonio Espinos, and the headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain.


Karate was introduced into Europe around the 1950s by Japanese masters, mainly from the Japan Karate Association (JKA). In 1961, Jacques Delcourt was appointed President of French Karate, which was at that stage an associated member of the Judo Federation. In 1963 he invited the six other known European federations (Italy,Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Spain) to come to France for the first-ever international karate event, and Great Britain and Belgium accepted the invitation.
In December of that year, six of the seven federations gathered in Paris, in what was to be the first European Karate Congress, with the aim of improving and organising karate tournaments between their countries. It was noted that the unification of the different karate styles was impossible, and so they decided to unify the refereeing.
By 1965 the European Karate Union was created, with Jacques Delcourt was voted in as President. The following year the first European Karate Championships were held, in Paris. The event drew roughly three hundred spectators and was shown on live TV, however it drew criticisms for being too violent as there were many face injuries[4]. The EKU council had differing opinions about the source of the injuries, with opinions ranging from excessive rules violations to lack of conditioning and blocking skill. This problem was addressed in some part at the first referee course, held in Rome. Here, the refereeing rules were harmonised using the JKA rules as a basis.
In 1970, the International Karate Union (IKU) was formed by Jacques Delcourt in an effort to organise karate at world level. Upon hearing this, Ryoichi Sasakawa, President of the Federation of All Japan Karatedo Organization (FAJKO), traveled to France to discuss the creation of an international governing body. The IKU was quickly disbanded and a new organisation was formed between the EKU and the Japanese federation, and was called WUKO (World Union of Karate-do Organizations).
WUKO tried to unify with the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) in 1990 to form the WKF, however this attempt failed and the WUKO group left to form the WKF on their own[5].

Competition and events

team kata with bunkai

[edit]WKF Karate World Championships

YearHost CityOverall Champion
1970Tōkyō Japan
1972Paris France
1975Long Beach, California Japan
1977Tōkyō Netherlands
1980Madrid Japan
1982Taipei Japan
1984Maastricht United Kingdom
1986Sydney Japan
1988Cairo Japan
1990Mexico City Japan
1992Granada Spain
1994Kota Kinabalu Japan
1996Sun City United Kingdom
1998Rio de Janeiro France
2000Munich France
2002Madrid France
2004Monterrey Japan
2006Tampere Italy
2008Tōkyō Japan[6]
2010Belgrade Serbia


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